Saturday, February 21, 2009

Welcome to the Official PACT blog!

Who We Are

Prevention, Awareness, and Community at Tufts (P.A.C.T.) is a new student group on campus that works to raise awareness and promote dialogue on-campus around different health issues such as consent and healthy sexuality, sexual violence, eating concerns, body image, alcohol and drugs, mental health and depression.We are interested in how these issues play out on our campus and how communication, social norms and gender roles affect how we deal with them. We are campaigning around campus and are available for educational presentations in dorms and organizations.

Our History

PACT (as Prevention, Awareness, and Consent at Tufts) was formed in 2007 by a group of passionate students who felt that their roles as advisors for in the SACK abruptly ended. They wanted to continue educating through various ways such as providing resources and facilitating discussion around in the SACK's topics throughout the school year.

In its first year, it was funded through a grant from the Department of Justice to deal with issues around sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking. The grant ended in May 2008 and now PACT has expanded under the new health education department to address a wider range of issues (i.e., mental health and alcohol/drug abuse).

Why the Blog?

PACT decided that a blog would be a good way to easily spread information and encourage conversation about health education topics students care about, from how to not freak out about getting EC (Emergency Contraception) to what really goes on when you go to counseling, to how to tell a friend you think their drinking/eating/hook up habits are out of control. We also will be posting various videos, articles, and Tufts-specific information. We want to hear from you: You can post comments and email us with your input and interests.

What You Can Do

To get involved with PACT, come to the Women's Center at 12pm on Mondays. We can also be reached at PACT is available to come to your group/dorm for fun, interactive programs about various topics such as sexual and mental health. We encourage students and student leaders to come to us for information to take back to your friends or organizations: spread the health.

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